1. Muesli Sablé
  2. Biscuit Misérable
  3. Crémeux
  4. Caramelized Mango
  5. Speculoos Bavarois
  6. Glaze

3 cakes of 16 cm

1. Muesli Sablé

Puratos Tegral Patacroute - 150 g
Toasted Oats flakes - 50 g
Toasted Slices almonds - 50 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre - 150 g
Butter - 150 g
Brown sugar - 80 g
Salt - 3 g


Mix all the ingredients together like a crumble and stop when you obtain a homogeneous dough. Store it in the fridge.
Roll out to 5 mm and cut rounds of Ø14 cm. Bake it at 180 °C during 12-15 min.

2. Biscuit Misérable (1 tray 40 x 60 cm)

Egg white - 300 g
Granulated Sugar - 200 g
Puratos Amanda Javana - 500 g
Flour - 25 g


Whip firmly the egg whites, add the sugar and beat another 2 min. at slow speed. Continue to beat at fast speed until you obtain a firm meringue. Sieve the flour and the Puratos Amanda Javana, then incorporate into the meringue. Spread on a cooking plate of 40 x 60 cm. Bake it in the oven at 190 °C during 14-16 min. When it’s cold, cut into 3 circles of Ø14 cm.

3. Crémeux (3 inserts of 14 cm)

Fresh cream 35% - 125 g
Milk - 125 g
Egg yolk - 50 g
Belcolade Lait Supreme, ZA306/G - 220 g
Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter - 22 g


Make an English cream, by boiling milk with fresh cream. Then add the egg yolks and cook until 85 °C.
Sieve into the Belcolade Lait Supreme and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter and blend to obtain a smooth and homogenous texture.
In the 3 rings of 14 cm dispose at the bottom a disc of biscuit and pour the creamy on top. Let it set in the fridge.

4. Caramelized Mango

Fresh firm mango - 2 pcs
Granulated Sugar - 40 g
Butter - 30 g


Peel the mango and cut them into small squares.
Melt the butter, add the mangoes pieces, then add the sugar and cook until caramelized. Drain correctly before using.
Spread it on top of the creamy and freeze the complete insert.

5. Speculoos Bavarois

Milk - 190 g
Fresh Cream 35% - 190 g
Egg yolk - 75 g
Crushed Speculoos biscuit - 120 g
Puratos Bavarois Neutre - 165 g
Fresh Cream 35 % - 265 g
Puratos Chantypak - 265 g


Cook milk, fresh cream (190gr) and egg yolks at 85 °C.
Pass through a sifter into a bowl with the Puratos Bavarois Neutre and crushed speculoos biscuit. Blend it.
When your preparation reaches 35 °C, add the whipped cream (fresh cream & Puratos Chantypak) together.

6. Glaze

Milk - 300 g
Glucose - 500 g
Belcolade Blanc Selection, X605/J or G - 1000 g
Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral - 1000 g
Gelatin - 30 g


Boil the milk with the glucose, add soaked gelatine. Pour onto the Belcolade Blanc Selection and make a ganache. Add the Puratos Miroir l’Original Neu tral.
Blend it and reserve it in the fridge.

Final assembly

Build the cake reverse starting with the speculoos bavarois, including the insert in the middle and finishing with the muesli sablé on top. Freeze it. De-mould and apply the glaze at 35-40 °C. Dispose the decoration on top.