Red Line


This application recipe is made up (for 5 dessert plates) using 5 recipes

  1. Support Past (recipe can be used for fresh pasta also)
  2. Figs Marmalade
  3. Ecuador Mousse
  4. Orange Blossom Foam
  5. Peanuts Crusty

In conic moulds for chocolates, spray tempered red velvet and soft white velvet cocoa butter. Mould with tempered Belcolade Noir Selection C501/J.

1. Support Paste

Flour - 150 gr
Semolina (wheat) - 100 gr
Egg yolks - 40 gr
Whole eggs - 80 gr
Belcolade Cocoa Powder 22-24 - 30 gr


Mix all the ingredients together until you obtain a homogenous dough. Roll out the dough till a thickness of 1mm, cut rectangles of 3x30cm and give a specific form (see picture). Let them dry in the oven for 1 hour at 90°C. Let them cool down and spray them with red velvet cocoa butter.

2. Figs Marmalade

Fresh figs (skinned) - 3 pc.
Honey - 20 gr
Butter - 15 gr


Cut the figs in small pieces, fry them in the pan with the butter and honey. Let them cool down. Pipe the figs marmalade in the bottom of the chocolate cone.

3. Ecuador Mousse

Whole Milk - 60 gr
Festipak - 30 gr
Egg Yolks - 30 gr
Belcolade Origins Ecuador 71 - 110 gr
Fresh Cream 35% - 120 gr
Chantypak - 120 gr


Heat up the milk, the Festipak and egg yolks till 85°C. Pour on the Belcolade Origins Ecuador 71. Mix slowly until you obtain a homogenous ganache. At 35-40°C add the soft whipped cream (fresh cream/ Chantypak). And pipe the Ecuador mousse on the figs marmalade in the chocolate cone.

4. Orange Blossom

Whole milk (ambient temperature) - 100 g
Sugar - 10 g
Orange Blossom Water - 3 g
Gelatine Leaves - 1 pc.


Mix the milk and sugar and add the melted pre-soaked gelatine. Blend it by incorporating the maximum of air. With a tea spoon take the foam on the surface and dispose in the cone on top of the Ecuador mousse.

5. Peanuts Crusty

Unsalted Roasted Peanuts - 150 g
Sugar - 100 g
Egg Whites - 120 g
Peanut Butter - 60 g
Flour - 40 g


Blend the roasted peanuts to obtain powder. Mix flour, sugar and roasted peanuts powder. Add the egg whites and the melted peanut butter. Spread layer of 2 mm on a Silpat® and pre-bake at 180°C during 5min. Take out of the oven and cut in strips. Give the desired shape, put again on a tray and finish the baking process, until you have a light brown color.