Pomme Oranges


This application is made up using 5 recipes

  1. Apple with orange
  2. Orange Custard Cream
  3. Crispy Orange cigarette
  4. Grenada Ganache

1. Apple with orange

Apples (type : Boskoop) - Q.S.
Fresh Orange Zes -  Q.S.

Additional ingredients needed:
Puratos Harmony Classic Neutre


Slice the apples very thin, order them close to each other on a cling film and sprinkle them fresh orange peels and this with a length of 15cm. Close the cling film and bake in an oven of 80°C for maximum 1,5hour. After baking, make small rolls with the apples and keep them in the freezer.

2. Orange Custard

Milk - 1000 gr
Vanilla Pod
Sugar - 1 pc
Egg Yolks - 180 gr
CPT NEW - 160 gr
Butter - 100 gr
Milk - 110 gr
Custard Cream - 100 gr
Fresh Cream 35% - 200 gr
Fresh Orange Zest - 1 pc


For the custard cream:
Boil the milk with the vanilla pod. Mix a part of the sugar with Puratos CPT New and mix the other part of sugar with the egg yolks. Then mix together. When the milk boils, pour a part on the egg yolks mixture. Mix and boil everything together. Stop boiling and add the butter in small pieces. Cool down on a baking tray and cover with cling film.

For the Orange Custard Cream:
Mix 100g of the custard cream, with the whipped fresh cream and the fresh orange zest. Keep it in the fridge before using (+4°C).

3. Crispy Orange cigarette

Sugar - 200 gr
Orange Juice - 80 gr
Fresh Orange Zest - 1 pc.
Butter - 75 gr
Flour - 50 gr


Mix the sugar with the orange juice and fresh orange zest. Add the melted butter and the flour. Spread out this paste by using a template (5x5cm) on a Silpat® and bake at 180°C until gold brown colour. When it comes out of the oven, make a cigarette of it by using an aluminium bar. Keep it in a dry storage room before using.

4. Grenada Ganache

Whole Milk - 300 gr
Glucose - 50 gr
Egg Yolks - 80 gr
Sugar - 30 gr
Belcolade Origins Grenada 67 - 300 gr
Butter - 10 gr
Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter - Q.S.
Filo Pastry - Q.S.


Heat up the whole milk with the glucose. Whip the egg yolks and the sugar. Pour the glucose mixture on it. Add the melted Belcolade Origins Grenada 67 and the butter. Pour into a rectangle and put it in the freezer.
When the texture allows it, cut rectangles of 5x1.5cm and put it back in the freezer. When the rectangles are cold enough, roll into filo pastry and close by using Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter. Keep them in the freezer.

Final Assembly

On a plate at your choice, place the crispy orange cigarette, filled with the orange cream. Put on top the small bar “pomme à l’orange”, slightly glazed with Harmony Classic Neutre. Next to it you put the small Grenada packets, baked in hot Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter. Serve immediately.