Hot Vanilla Chocolate


This application is made up using one recipe

  1. Vanilla Orange drink

1. Vanilla Orange drink

Fresh Cream 35% - 125 g
Festipak - 125 g
Whole Milk - 750 g
Sugar - 50 g
Orange Zest - S.Q.
Vanilla Pod - 1 pc.
Belcolade Origins Venezuela 43 - 400 g


Heat up together the fresh cream, Festipak, whole milk, sugar, orange zest and vanilla pod till 70°C. When we reach this temperature, add the Belcolade Origins Venezuela 43 and keep stirring till you reach 93°C.
Remove the pan from the heat and strain out the zest and vanilla pod. Now aerate this chocolate drink with a whisk or a bender to give a foamy texture and let it cool down till drinking temperature.