Product Cocoa % Taste
Uganda 80 80% A robust, earthy chocolate of the rich mineral soil of the Bundibugyo region. With a full-bodied yet balanced cocoa intensity, accompanied by bitterness and acidity. A high cocoa mass and a special way of conching reveal the unmistakable and enticing notes of humus and mushrooms.
Vietnam 73 73% A dark chocolate overwhelming the senses with the pronounced acidic taste of the Trinitario cocoa bean, zesty citrus notes, light mokka and the warm undertones of wood. Guaranteed by our Cacao-Trace experts in Bên Tre.
Papua New guinea 73 73% Based on pure, torrefied cocoa, this unique chocolate combines the roasted flavours of coffee and hazelnut with notes of both fresh and dried fruit. There’s still more: underlying are hints of black pepper and honey. The ultimate Origins chocolate with taste optimization rom the bean, Cacao-Trace guaranteed.
Ecuador 71 71% A dark chocolate with a floral bouquet made from Nacional cocoa beans. Its delicate notes of jasmine are complemented by the appealing undercurrent of coffee and humus.
Peru 64 64% A dark chocolate delightfully merging the enticing flavours of Peru’s rich cocoa farming heritage and the Amazon’s primeval wilderness. By mixing Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans we have created a chocolate with a slightly acid cocoa taste enhanced with notes of raisins and dried figs.
Costa Rica 64 64% A smooth dark chocolate carefully crafted from Trinitario beans. Savour the compex medley of wood and olive, which mingles with the enticing aromas of coffee and licorice and a magical hint of acid roasted cocoa in the background.