Adding cocoa quality to the sustainability formula

Cacao-Trace™ is a mark of quality. The support farmers receive allows them to focus more time on caring for their plantations, improving skills, productivity and quality. Our teams work closely with them to carefully control the fermentation and drying process, a vital step to ensuring superior cocoa beans. Mastering this process ensures that only the highest quality cocoa beans become delicious Cacao-Trace chocolate. The result is a win-win. Farmers deliver better yields while chocolate producers are assured of higher quality beans for great tasting chocolate for generations to come.

Our Chocolate Bonus

For every kilo of chocolate you purchase, Cacao-Trace pays a “Chocolate Bonus” of € 0,10ct back to Cacao-Trace farmers. This simple and transparent payment scheme is unique in that 100% of the Chocolate Bonus reaches farmers through the Next Generation Cacao Foundation. The Next Generation Cacao Foundation is audited each year by a third-party, guaranteeing the financial transparency and traceability of the Chocolate Bonus.

An extra service

When you use our Cacao-Trace certified chocolate in your recipes, we’ll gladly provide you with marketing support so you can tell your customers the story behind your chocolate. Contact your Belcolade representative to benefit from this service!