Inclusions and flavouring

ProductCacao %SmaakViscocityVerpakking
Noir 4445,5%Very mild dark chocolate with a strong earthy characterX15kg, 2x5kg
Noir Selection50%Balanced dark chocolate with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity noteU15kg, 2x5kg
Lait Clair26,5%Light coloured, 32% milk chocolate with a full milky taste and nutty notesR15kg, 2x5kg
Lait Selection28,5%A 35% milk chocolate with the perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa tasteR15kg
Lait Superieur35%A 38% milk chocolate with a pronounced cocoa taste and a fine touch of caramelO15kg
Blanc Selection22,5%Well balanced white chocolate (28% cocoa) with a vanilla flavor and a note of cooked milkR15kg
Blanc Doux27%A classic white chocolate with 30,5% cocoaR15kg