Cryst-o-fil is a unique and patented soft chocolate preparation with an extremely stable texture. It contains more than 50% Belcolade real chocolate, giving excellent, delicate taste and flavor.

Cryst-o-fil allows chocolatiers and pastry makers

  • to extend shelf life and improve mouth feel of traditional chocolate fillings
  • to create innovative chocolates with new tastes and textures

Adding Cryst-o-fil to a ganache will significantly increase the ganache shelf life without use of E-numbers, while at the same time it retains the taste and texture of this unctuous recipe and reduce cracking issue of chocolate shells containing ganache.

In the same way, it also improves the mouth feel of traditional chocolate fillings like Gianduja.


  • obtains the remarkable capacity of filling aeration
  • is able to incorporate others ingredients, such as crispy inclusions or water based components
  • It inspires chocolatiers and pastry makers to continually improve and create new recipes.

Thanks to the versatility in applications, Cryst-o-fil facilitates development and upscaling of trendy and innovative chocolates that can be inspired by others product categories like patisserie and ice cream


Cryst-o-fil range has texture and melting profile adapted for chocolates consumed at room temperature (18-22°C), and is available as dark, milk and white chocolate.

Cryst-o-fil can also be customized to suit perfectly the needs of your finished goods.