Belcolade continues to build the future of real Belgian chocolate: expansion of production in Erembodegem

Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate brand made by Belgian family firm Puratos, is expanding its site in Erembodegem (Aalst, Belgium). Two production lines are being added: one for the production of liquid chocolate, and one for packaged chocolate. The warehouse is also being enlarged. This investment demonstrates Puratos’ passion for real Belgian chocolate with a superior taste.

Increasing capacity by 50%
The expansion represents an investment of 21 million euros. The existing buildings will be 7,500m2 larger and will accommodate new production lines and a spacious and modern warehouse area. The enlarged site will cover 36,000m2. In a first phase, the additional line for liquid chocolate will provide 15% extra capacity. The additional line for packaged goods will increase capacity by 30%. In the long term, this will increase Belcolade’s total capacity by 50%.

“The centralisation and expansion of the warehouse will not only enable us to produce more and deliver our products even faster to our customers; the expansion of the production lines also means we can respond even more flexibly when asked to make chocolate with specifications", says Mr. Luc De Norre, Site Manager at Belcolade.

“With this investment, we are continuing to build the future of real Belgian chocolate", says Mr. Eddy Van Belle, Chairman of the Board of Puratos Group and one of the driving forces behind Belcolade. “We made a conscious decision 25 years ago to produce chocolate in Belgium and we want to keep it that way in the future too. Our continued investments and innovations ensure that Belcolade continues to grow.”

Puratos expects to be hiring an extra twenty people to work at the site.

The renovated and expanded warehouse will be put into operation in late 2014, and the new production lines will be operational by mid-2015.

Belcolade stands for real Belgian chocolate with a superior taste and quality. Its manufacture is a real art. The delicious taste of Belcolade begins with the careful selection of the ingredients. Around the world, the finest and best-tasting cocoa beans are sought out and selected. Besides cocoa mass, only 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla are used for making chocolate.

Belcolade chocolate is manufactured respecting the traditional Belgian production method of mixing, grinding and conching. Puratos has skilfully perfected this process over the years. During the grinding, the chocolate attains the typical Belcolade texture of 20 microns. The duration and manner of conching help determine the exquisite taste of Belcolade.

The brand Belcolade is only used for chocolate that is produced in Belgium, and since only pure and natural ingredients are chosen, top quality can always be guaranteed.

Extensive product portfolio
For over 25 years, Belcolade has been famous and respected for its superior taste and quality. The chocolate is used by thousands of chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs all over the world. The Belcolade product portfolio is very extensive. Belcolade Selection offers a wide range of top quality chocolate with different flavours and viscosities for a wide array of applications.

The exclusive Belcolade Origins range offers a variety of chocolates with a delicious taste. Belcolade Origins is made with carefully selected cocoa beans that reflect the differences in their region of origin. This is illustrated by the innovative sensory analytical tool “Les Arômes de Cyrano”. Belcolade Origins inspires food professionals around the world. The unique taste and extraordinary aromas inspire them to adapt the flavours in traditional recipes and to discover new applications in pastry and chocolate by combining Belcolade Origins with different, often surprising, flavours.