Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam confirms its commitment to sustainable cocoa industry

Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam inaugurated its Cocoa Collection and Fermentation Plant in Ben Tre province in Vietnam, the first of its kind in the country. This plant also includes a Cocoa Development Center that was opened in collaboration with Mars Group. Both initiatives confirm the strong commitment of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam towards long-term investment in the Vietnam cocoa industry.

Mr. Gricha Safarian, Managing Director of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam, comments: “The “beans to bar” concept will be the game changer to the cocoa industry in Vietnam. The opening of the fermentation plant is one of the last steps taken in the region to achieve a full vertical integration from cocoa beans to chocolate bar. This is the result of over ten years of continuous efforts and investment that has gone into the processing of chocolate in Vietnam. Our commitment is strong and our quality approach guarantees the sustainable development of this industry in Vietnam.”