Delicious chocolate begins with the careful selection of ingredients. At Belcolade, we apply strict criteria when it comes to the origin of our cocoa beans, sourcing only the best quality for our chocolate.

Each country we source from has its own specialities, cocoa varieties and flavours. We work with specially selected farmer cooperatives using the same harvest and post-harvest processes. Consistently high quality is ensured thanks to our long-term relationships.

Chocolate’s future depends on a sustainable supply chain

Chocolate has been cherished for thousands of years, and those who love its flavour and taste are consuming more and more. Yet despite chocolate’s growing popularity, environmental, social and economic challenges prevent many cocoa farmers from achieving sustainable livings. By helping farmers increase the value of their cocoa, great tasting chocolate can be enjoyed for generations to come.

At Belcolade, we believe sustainability is a win-win relationship. It brings added value for every actor in the cocoa supply chain, including farmers, customers and consumers. Our Cacao-Trace™ programme has all the classical elements of sustainable certification but is unique on 2 points: superior taste through controlled fermentation of the cocoa beans and a Chocolate Bonus for farmers.

Cacao-Trace certified chocolate sources cocoa beans directly from Vietnam, Ivory Coast and the Philippines.

Responsible sourcing

As a company, we aim to source responsibly at all times by:

  1. Favouring raw materials, packaging, equipment and services that are environmentally friendly, benefit society, and give value for money over their lifecycle  
  2. Favouring suppliers who share our vision of sustainability and who work towards maintaining a more sustainable supply chain