Belgian chocolate has a global reputation for superior quality and taste. Since Puratos has always had a passion for chocolate, it was a logical step to help safeguard that rich tradition by investing in the production of real Belgian chocolate in Belgium.

Back in the Eighties, when many of Belgium’s large flagship chocolate companies were taken over by foreign groups, Puratos decided to protect one of the most precious elements of Belgium's culinary heritage: real Belgian chocolate.

As a result, in 1988, Puratos launched a new brand offering the finest quality chocolate produced exclusively in Belgium – in Erembodegem, west of Brussels. The new brand was Belcolade - actually more than just a new brand but rather the culmination of a collective passion for the great taste of real Belgian chocolate.

Everything was built from scratch: from the brand itself to the flavour profiles and the factory. The brand name perfectly reflects what we stand for: Belgian Chocolate (or Chocolade in Flemish). To achieve our unique palate of flavours, we asked the world's best experts to work intensively on developing an exceptional range of flavours, produced from carefully selected cocoa beans. The result is our Selection range, a true work of art that perfectly balances bitter and sweet tastes, available in a full and comprehensive range.

Growing Production

Belcolade proceeded to book rapid growth, and in 1993, a third production line was installed. Ten years later, the production capacity was increased by 50% thanks to more investments in state-of-the-art machinery. And in 2012, Belcolade invested in an even more flexible production line.

Customer Focus

At the turn of the millenium, the international Centre of Chocolate Expertise was opened in Erembodegem – a training centre and forum for both our employees and professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas and technologies.

Belcolade also organises the Belgian Chocolate Night, an original series of events where customers are invited to their local Belgian embassies to come and discover the superior quality and rich diversity of Belcolade through some delicious recipes in a unique Belgian setting. We also organise competitions and activities in several countries, including the Netherlands and Japan, in order to attract attention to the rich Belgian tradition of chocolate making.

Innovative Products

The Origins range was launched in 2005 together with the unique Les Arômes de Cyrano tool. New tastes and varieties are regularly added to the range. Belcolade also produces fillings that are skilfully matched with our chocolate products. For example, in 2006, Belcolade Cryst-o-fil was launched; an exclusive innovation that makes it possible to create delicious fillings with a superior taste and shelf-life.

2009 saw the introduction of the Oxanti range: chocolate with a high and long-lasting antioxidant effect.

Based on sensorial analysis, the sweet and fruity dark chocolate was relaunched to appeal to a wider audience. And because great taste goes together with good looks, Belcolade was given a new look & feel in 2012.